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Aastha Nishtha Foundation is to empower deprived children through technology-driven innovative solutions in Healthcare, education, and nourishment sectors. We go by the belief, that if we show people the problems and we show them the solutions they will be moved to act. We endeavor for a healthy, happy, and well-informed child whose preadolescence is joyful and rights are protected. Started as a field NGO, we are now a team of highly motivated individuals with diverse experience working tirelessly to realize a common dream –Enriching the mind one child at a time.

Our Approach

Mission Education:
Unlike mainstream schooling, these children require basic knowledge of social and moral values. They need someone to show them the right path to change the quality of life, to conquer poverty with the help of education.
We have organized our educational curriculum such that we provide sessions to the children of targeted slums where they could learn critical thinking and basic spoken English. With the help of gameplay activities, awareness is spread among them where social issues, their rights, and types of abuse are our priority.

Mission Healthcare:
These street children and their families are financially unable to afford health services in private facilities and to buy medicines on their own. Hence, they are often left out when there is a need for medical aid. Difficulties are faced while receiving assistance from public healthcare centers due to the overflowing number of patients, thus unable to provide free, or subsidized medicines.
ANF has come up with their medical team so as to provide free health check-ups to the underprivileged children of urban slums. We do this by healthcare interventions in shelter homes, orphanages, vulnerable communities, etc. We have a team of Doctors and support volunteers to conduct the checkups, prescribe medicines, counseling if required. We understand, in today’s time heath care can get heavy on pocket, medications are 100% sponsored by us.


Aastha Nishtha Foundation is a five years old non-profit organization, founded in the year 2015, helping street children for their overall development. Our mission is to encourage practices of Quality Education and Good Health by transferring knowledge to these children by providing them free education, food, and healthcare. We believe it will help them to thrive in for a brighter future and become responsible citizens of our community. 

We strive to fight against hunger, malnutrition in India, and empower children with the help of education. Where education is seen as one of the key steps in children’s lives, lack of food, and no access to reasonable education is an everyday struggle for underprivileged children and their families. We believe with the help of awareness and the right education, the future of these children can be made brighter.

Rather than providing them mainstream education, we are, first polishing their brains to think critically and logically to get out of their real-life problems, and then working towards their overall development. Awareness and education can help them learn their basic rights and will give them a chance to evade from poverty, thus working towards the vision of transformed leaders of Rural India. 

Furthermore, the majority of these street children are suffering from malnutrition. Lack of food and proper nutrition leads to a weaker immune system, hence shorter life expectancy. With our projects we are here to provide food and healthcare centers for these children who are being left out on the streets, undernourished and unchecked. With the help of proper nourishment and regular health checkups we can ensure better health of these children. 

Aastha Nishtha Foundation is working towards a mission to have a world where every child is healthy, educated and their rights are protected.