On 23/12/2019 At Trilokpuri

Greater Noida West


We Make Living by what we GET, but we make a Life by what we GIVE.

Despite the fact that the winter is invited by the favored affluent individuals by vivid pashminas and bubbly states of mind, it carries a ton of sufferings to the needy individuals of our nation.
Sadly, numerous destitute individuals in our nation can’t stand to purchase comfortable garments for winter.
In this situation, ladies and kids particularly endure more.
Thus, in this long stretch of December, our association showed a drive to decrease the sufferings of not many of these individuals.

A campaign was run in Mahagun Mywoods Gaur City, Noida, by Aastha Nishtha Foundationon the first week of December’19 for this purpose. 

 On 23rd December’19 and 27th December’19 our organization, AasthaNishtha Foundation organized a Cloth Distribution event in the vicinity of Trilokpuri (Noida) and Connaught place. We appropriated fabrics to powerless segment of the general public covering oppressed kids.
You can’t visit Connaught spot and miss the little kids selling products or lying squandered in niches.
 With aim of caring and protecting vulnerable children in & around Connaught place, our organization distributed winter cloths to the children and vulnerable people.

We would like to sincerely thank every individual who donated these clothes for those in need, they are much appreciated. We believe that clothes and any useable items one might not need or use anymore can be useful to someone else. We believe in a sustainable neighborhood. Please feel free to drop your used or new clothing that you no longer need in at our center.

 This initiative was to bring smile to the innocent faces so that they can enjoy their winters

During the cloth distribution event, it was observed that most of the children came wearing only an old pair of cloth, and many were bare foot. We tried to arrange for clothes for all of these children, and as it was winter, so we distributed warm sweaters, socks and other clothes.

If you would like to sponsor education, fooding or medication and support these children in monetary terms, please visit our website and click on the link on the website. We seek your support to organize more such events to serve the society.