Our program, products and services are designed for socio‐economically disadvantaged

population. Our holistic program development and implementation efforts are more focused

on reaching out to the grassroots with the active participation of community stakeholders,

which includes Govt., corporations and civil society. We greatly value the time, the resources and the knowledge our partners and supporters share with us, and hold ourselves accountable to them.


  • Bridge the digital divide in the unaided schools and enable the school children to experience technology and computers.


  • Use computer technology to positively impact children’s learning levels.


  • Impact children’s learning in competencies like math and language skills as well as in domain knowledge like science, history, geography, etc.


  • Expose school teachers to computer technology and train them in its potential usages


  • Increase parental and community interest in computer technology and its uses in schooling


  • Use IT to assist the school management.Train community youth in computer technology