The world is grappling with a new kind of disease – COVID 19, a type of coronavirus. It has suddenly penetrated and affected individuals of all ages, gender, income group, and ethnicity; thus, sparing none.

Coronavirus belongs to a family of viruses that ranges from the common cold to MERS coronavirus. It is believed that the recent COVID-19 is the result of a spillover event that occurred in China in December 2019, in which a virus that previously circulated in animals, accidentally entered humans. It spreads when an uninfected person comes in contact with droplets released into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The symptoms usually include fever, dry coughing, and difficulty in breathing.

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Out of the total 3.09 million worldwide confirmed cases, 29,435 belong to India (updated as of 2.40 p.m., 28/04/2020). While the next few weeks are critical in India’s coronavirus war, India is having to cope with the collateral damage caused by the disease as well.  There is a constantly deepening economic and human toll. Amidst the world’s largest lockdown, the fear of going hungry sparked an exodus by hundreds of thousands of migrant workers and their families, many on foot, back to their villages last month which resulted in several deaths. This includes rickshaw pullers, itinerants produce peddlers, maids, day laborers, and other informal workers that form the backbone of the Indian economy.
In dire times like these, the poor and minorities in India may feel helpless. The government may get overburdened with responsibilities and as a result, may lose the capacity to serve these people immediately. So, we need to fill in the shoes, serve our country, and comfort the helpless with the capacities we have. In this global pandemic, the poor need what they deserve- our humanity.

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covid-19, mask, protection

At Aastha Nishtha Foundation, we have sworn to help the underprivileged along with spreading awareness and busting the myths around coronavirus. We realize the privilege we hold and also understand how important it is to give it back to our society. When we saw poor hungry people and their children sitting on the roadside, we couldn’t hold back.
So, in an attempt to give back to our society, we distributed free hygiene kits that cost a little under Rs. 100 and included basic sanitation essentials such as soap, sanitizer, masks, and a liquid handwash (squeezy) along with sessions to teach them the importance of washings hands and to maintain hygiene. While this ensured that their hygiene was not compromised, we also couldn’t let these people sleep hungry. So, we distributed bananas and biscuits. Since this community is also unfamiliar with the concept of social distancing and what essentially is meant by lockdown, we taught the basics to the children so that they carry the message home with them.
The misery of humans can only be lifted by humans, we are doing our part for the betterment of our society. Your support motivates us to help these underprivileged people and their children.

-By Anisha Bhargava

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