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Offer them a chance for a better life and help them!

Sahibabad is home to over 270 children who are begging, peddling, sniffing, and loitering on the streets, and the number is growing. They’re forced under the pressure of surviving the harsh reality of our Urban India. When children of their age should be having an adequate amount of food for their growth, poverty leaves no option for them to sniff fluids to kill hunger, which ultimately leads them into malnourishment.

Where food is a challenge for every day, education becomes questionable for one to seek when most of the family income is exhausted in the basic survival needs. Born into poor circumstances these children are on the streets not by choice, but due to either extreme poverty or abandoning their families. Every child out there has the potential to bloom and have a better future. We believe if given right opportunity they can turn into responsible citizens of their community.

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- Our mission is to provide them free education, food, and healthcare -

Project Vidyalaya

Mission Education

Unlike mainstream urban schooling, these children require basic knowledge of social and moral values. They need someone to show them the right path to change the quality of life, to conquer poverty with the help of education. They require awareness about the child or forced labor, harms of drugs, protection against sexual abuse.

Our Vidyalaya Center at Sahibabad runs 4 classes per day covering 20 children in each session, directly benefiting 80 children per day. The curriculum is designed in two levels. Level 1 has two workbooks designed to help them speak in English and nurture their thoughts and curiosity around the society. By the completion of both the levels in 16 weeks, kids would be well aware and would have gained significant hold in English language. Children who are left out from mainstream schools or dropped out due to some reasons will be facilitated by us to enroll in schools after completion of Level 1 and Level 2 provided by the curriculum.


Project Chikitsalaya


Mission Healthcare

These street children and their families are financially unable to afford health services in private facilities and to buy medicines on their own. Difficulties are faced while receiving assistance from public healthcare centers due to the overflowing number of patients, thus unable to provide free, or subsidized medicines.

ANF has come up with their medical team so as to provide free health check-ups to the underprivileged children of Sahibabad. Our medical team includes BHMS doctor, Dr. Rajveer Kaur along with two fourth-year BHMS students. The students participating on this are volunteering for the cause. Our center will be open from 4 pm to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday, where healthcare will be provided free of cost to any child in need of medical aid. As we understand, in today’s time health care can get heavy on the pockets, medication will be sponsored by the center itself.


About Aastha Nishtha Foundation

Aastha Nishtha Foundation is to empower deprived children through technology-driven innovative solutions in Healthcare, education, and nourishment sectors. We go by the belief, that if we show people the problems and we show them the solutions they will be moved to act. We endeavor for a healthy, happy, and well-informed child whose preadolescence is joyful and rights are protected. Started as a field NGO, we are now a team of highly motivated individuals with diverse experience working tirelessly to realize a common dream –Enriching the mind one child at a time