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For almost a year now, COVID-19 has been a horror, not just for India, but for the entire world. The deadly virus has not just collapsed the healthcare infrastructure of our nation, but has also hit the economic front drastically. With several necessary restrictions, it would not be unfair to say that the human existence has been confined to mere boundaries and limitations of their houses. While considering the atrocities that the working class of people have had to undergo, it is equally essential to take into account the conditions and severe troubles of the underprivileged children, who are subjected to inhumane living conditions in slums, where even the basic living necessities are lacking in a major way.

The lives of these children have been affected in a massive way. In these times of the lockdown, public places and markets remain shut down, due to which the basic means of food, shelter and meagre livelihood has been challenged for these children. Currently, these children have nowhere to go for even food, let alone the proper sanitation facilities. With no conditioning about practices such as social distancing and wearing a mask, it is predictable that they would surely be exposed to the virus, which can prove to be really dreadful. Even if the disease doesn’t kill them, hunger surely would.

In order to fight this issue, Aastha Nishtha Foundation has stepped up to help the ones who are in the utmost need with nutritious food as well as hygiene kits. As a part of the project, Aastha Nishtha Foundation aims at providing healthy meals to underprivileged children free of cost. Further, along with the provision of proper food, we aim to offer them the basic necessities for sanitation, which can prove to be very helpful for them in combatting COVID-19.

 We truly believe that these are really crucial times, and it is imperative for our country to work towards the upliftment of the ones who are underprivileged and helpless. It is important to put forward our best efforts to save lives during these challenging times, and to assure that no one is left hungry and abandoned.

India it is time now to do what you do best. It is time to SHARE!


We go by the belief, that if we show people the problems and we show them the solutions they will be moved to act……


Where food is a challenge for every day, education becomes questionable for one to seek when most of the family ………


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India it is time now to do what you do best. It is time to SHARE!


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