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our hard working team

Want to know about us

Our hard working team


Mr. Sachin Wahi

Founder’s Message
As an NGO, we not only pursue the welfare of deprived children but also to motivate and empower these children to be life-long learners and productive members of an ever-changing society. Here we try to encourage children to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence, possibly through a holistic, children centric environment. It is necessary to empower them to negotiate with issues that confront them. We, at Aastha Nishtha Foundation, are striving hard to inculcate strong values combined with healthy food, quality education, and proper healthcare to the less fortunate children.

Mr. Ujjwal Upadhyay

Project Advisor
Ujjwal Upadhyay is the father of a dog an aspiring public servant turned social entrepreneur by profession. Ujjwal brings in his passion for social change at the grassroots level for the upliftment of the socio-economically distressed population of our society. Always a keen learner and enthusiast of India and world history, he graduated in History Hons’ with distinction from the University of Delhi. Well versed with the historical injustice done to the ever distorted section of our society, he was moved to act. He accidentally started working with AAMF Delhi, an NGO which privileged him to work for less fortunate children of an urban slum, facilitating them with critical thinking and English education. Having prior experience of working for a corporate-yatra online Pvt Ltd, he brings in exceptional managerial skills and the market-centric approach for the people-centric welfare. As a Project Advisor of the organization, he advises on welfare projects and strategic development.


Ms. Aarushi Bhatia

Project Manager
A Master’s in Social Work from Amity University have worked in various domains of Education,  Health & Counselling. As a professional social worker, she has worked with different projects under CSR. To gain practical experience of social worker, she has worked as a volunteer with NGO’s working for children at grassroot level which includes SOS children village to name few. She has experience of working with children refugees from Afghanistan & Myanmar in assisting them with Psycho-social support and counselling to empower them. She has also organised events with refugees covering different social issues and helped them with Medical as well as financial assistance under the program of UNHCR. Currently she works as a Project Manager at Aastha Nishtha Foundation, looking after the events & activities to be planned for the welfare socially-deprived children.

Ms. Priya Lamgotra

HR Executive
A major in English from Delhi University has come a long way from helping local street children on her own, to managing our organization to help bring change in the society. Besides upholding her social responsibilities in the community, she aims to help as many underprivileged children and fight for their better future. While she works for protecting the basic rights of children, she is also providing our organization with effective employee management, and resolving issues of any sort when needed. She makes sure to develop and retain qualified and enthusiastic employees and volunteers because the workforce plays a vital role in the successful functioning of any organization. As she believes that one individual who is determined to make a difference in the world, can alter millions of people’s lives and can be impacted positively in an unimaginable way, she works her way through helping street children in her way.


Ms. Priyal Gupta

Digital Marketer
A BCA student, who has defined herself as a Digital Marketer and she is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns that promote our company and services. She plays a major role, in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring goodwill. She has leadership skills. She is able to work with colleagues and contacts at all levels of an organization to develop compelling offers and drive growth. She has adaptability in the ever-changing digital space and the ability to think like a consumer.  She has a creative mindset which she uses to create an impactful appearance on Search Engine, Social Media, and her targeted audience. She has the potential to handle multiple platforms at a time. Daily she learns something new and implements it for the organization’s sake.

Ms. Ankita Jasrotia

Team Member
The youngest member of our team is pursuing CA. Completed her graduation and wanted to do good for society. She is a social person and loves to talk. She is really comfortable with children, loves to spend time with them making them learn new tricks about computer technology. She is really kind with heart. 


Ms. Anjali Verma

Team Member
The person full of happiness and jolly nature. She is one of the active people on our team.  She loves to be socially active. This makes her personality strong. She is socially active and loves to help others.